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Writing has always been an extension of my expressive nature. I have valued the act of speaking honestly and withholding nothing—I'm pretty much an open book. But I've also come to understand the value of writing about something that I couldn't articulate verbally. I learned that writing heals. Writing empowers. It also builds connections.

And that's exactly what I do for my clients: write and communicate words that they can't articulate about themselves or their businesses. As a communications professional, it's my job to to draw out stories, feelings, details, key words, thoughts, and concepts to make your business successful. In essence, I get to help you become an open book so you are more accessible to your customer. I get to help them understand who you are, so they feel closer to and trust you.

One reason to trust me: Writing is in my blood—it's not just something I chose to do for a career. In fact, I felt a bit like it chose me. Growing up in the South, I spent many evenings listening to my maternal grandfather as he held "court" in his old log cabin. A well-known Southern novelist in his day, he'd rock away in his cane chair, talking to family, friends, and the occasional famous author who happened to stop by for my grandfather's evening version of a fireside chat. He'd share stories about our kin, recount narratives of the Civil War, and talk about his craft. No doubt, the web he'd sometimes weave, tying one story to the next, made it hard to know what was truth, what was fiction. But regardless, I learned a bit about what was a plot, what was not. 

And my father is the founder of a successful advertising agency, driven for decades by his knack for clever, concise writing. He's the one who kindly slashed out redundant words on my high school English papers. He's the one who listened to me recite "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" for my oral poetry exam. He's the one who taught me you can do what you love for a career.

I grew up primarily in Pensacola, Fla. At some point in my upbringing—much later than I'd prefer to admit—I took note of how my grandfather and father were successful in following their passion. They pursued and excelled at two very different professions but both tapped their talent in writing. After earning a French degree at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., I moved west for my master's in journalism and mass communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After a brief stint as a television reporter, I accepted a job as managing editor of VOWS Magazine, the bridal/wedding industry's award-winning trade magazine. Then, I went out on my own to freelance write/edit in 2006 and also started a nonprofit business alliance in which I spent a good deal of time writing about, promoting and advocating for small and independent businesses.

After spending approximately 15 years in Colorado and starting my own family in the breathtaking Colorado Rockies, a work relocation brought us to to the scenic Columbia River Gorge. From there, seven years later, we experienced another family move to Redmond, Ore., our "newer" personal and professional home. 


                                                                                                                       Smith Rocks, near Redmond, Ore.

Having successfully run my own business for nearly a decade now, I feel blessed to have worked with clients throughout the world and for an extremely broad range of industries. I don't view clients as a means to an end. We're partners collaborating in a greater goal to promote and share what's positive, useful and important with others... making this beautiful world of today an even better world for tomorrow.