"Press releases are personal to Katie Roberts. She treats each one as the most important news from the most important enterprise. The result is writing that captures the heart and spirit of a venture. Such a public relations asset can only come from careful analysis and scrupulous attention to detail."
— Heather Fuller, former editorial director, e-releases

"As a well-respected, 50+-year-old management-consulting company, we choose our vendors very carefully. Katie's ability to manage assignments and deliver outstanding professional writing has surpassed our expectations. Her strong media background and solid business acumen has contributed to strong media-placement results, including many published articles in national publications. Katie meets all deadlines and is fantastic to work with. Katie is someone who I highly recommend."
— John Manning, former president, Management Action Programs (MAP) Consulting, and author of "The Disciplined Leader" 

We hired Katie to do a copy edit for a non-fiction book in a niche industry. We needed Katie to be fast, keep the unique voice and flavor of the book, but also give us a nice clean read. She pulled it all off. We look forward to having Katie edit future books and projects.
​— Andrea Waltz, Keynote Speaker "Don't Let No Stand Between You and Success," and author of National Bestseller "Go for No!"

"Katie provides a fresh, detail-oriented approach to each of her projects that when combined with her consistent follow up and deadline awareness results in efforts that are creative, thoughtful and error-free."
— Peter Grimes, publisher, VOWS: Magazine

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Katie's writing completes the picture."

— Charlie Van Diver, president/owner, Casa Ceibo Boutique Hotel & Spa

"Given the complexity of our industry, it can be a challenge for writers to grasp the technology and present it effectively. Katie absorbed the technology quickly, without hesitation. In addition, she understands the fast-paced world of technology and has always been available during off hours and for tight deadlines. Katie has proved to be one of our most valued consultants."

— John Dean, marketing manager, iboss Network Security


​​"Need someone to tug at your heartstrings or make you sit up and listen? Katie's writing will do just that. With a knack for infusing even the driest of subjects with emotion, down-to-earth perspectives, and that human interest angle that connects you to the topic, Katie delivers compelling, concise writing every time."

— Leigh Steere, owner, The Synthesis Group

​I have worked at One Community Health for about 17 years and have known Katie Roberts for 3.5 years while she worked in the role of Communications Director at One Community Health (OCH). This was a new role for our organization, and I was so impressed with the quality and style of the various projects that she worked on.  She designed our very first newsletter.  These newsletters were fun, told inspiring stories, interesting and comprehensive. As an interviewee on one of her stories, I thought she was easy to work with, flexible, very respectful and told the story perfectly. She also managed our social media, which was also a first for us, and I couldn’t imagine anyone having done a better job! She was able to synthesize various opinions and ideas and put together a fabulous brochure on our perinatal program, which was loved and appreciated by all. My interactions with Katie have always been pleasant, positive and professional both in person, on the phone and communicating via email and other social media. I appreciate her laying the foundation for us as we continue to grow and learn about how best to communicate within and outside our organization.   
​​— Connie Serra, MD, lead physician, One Community Health