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Your business can benefit from clear, on-point communication every day. 


Since 2006, Katie Roberts of WriteOnPoint! Communications has partnered with clients to achieve their communication goals through professional writing, editing and proofreading services.


Individuals, businesses and creative firms across the United States hire Katie to coach them in their communication planning, branding and storytelling. Through carefully crafted, compelling content, Katie empowers and celebrates people and organizations that make our world a better place.


Building strong client relationships, Katie excels in giving voice, story and spotlight to people who might otherwise never think they can shine.


Katie will work with your marketing team or draw from her own network of trusted creatives: web designers, graphic designers/artists, SEO experts, advertising agencies and strategic communication firms. 


Lean on Katie’s experience as a journalist, managing editor, marketing director, nonprofit founder/manager, and business owner. Choose Katie to get your point across, build understanding, and tell your story. Let Katie prove why people need to know about you. 



Katie assesses your needs, then develops a strategic plan that supports your goals. After that, leave the writing to her. She’ll deliver right on time. Katie’s experience runs the gamut—from website content to books, press releases, blogs, case studies, magazine articles, bios, communication plans, fliers, brochures, newsletters, success stories and more.


With a sharp eye and vital external perspective, Katie ensures clear messaging and content aligned to your goals. Your words will be believable, even buy-able, with editing that addresses big-picture issues, such as style and tone, as well as smaller errors and oversights. The “point”? To scrutinize and refine your work in a supportive, empowering way.


Love your content but need extra eyes to catch typos and errors? Katie spots and corrects those common—and not so common—grammatical and punctuation pitfalls. As spell-check isn't always our friend (e.g., there vs. their), she proofs for traditional purposes, plus any needs unique to your company's writing manual, style preferences or guidelines.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

If your services or products are successful and have impact—yet you fail to communicate this fact to others—you risk losing your crucial competitive edge. People might not ever know who you are and why you matter.

WriteOnPoint! Communications can help you achieve your communication and marketing goals. Katie Roberts partners with businesses big and small, through storytelling, writing content and offering other communication services that get and keep you noticed. 

Katie Roberts is the contributing author and lead editor for a number of books, including:

"The Sitting Disease: Restore Your Posture and Eliminate Body Pain in 10 Minutes a Day"
"The Disciplined Leader: Keeping the Focus on What Matters"
“Million Dollar Book Formula” …and more!

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Learn more about Katie’s book writing, editing and proofing contributions.


When hiring a creative content developer, you need someone who will care about your work as much as you do. That may seem like an impossible feat, to find someone who will work in the trenches with you, investing heart and soul into your dreams and your success. But Katie Roberts, a true team-player, exceeds expectations when it comes the content she crafts and the relationships she maintains with her clients.


"Katie is a thoughtful, talented writer and editor who takes the necessary time to get to know her clients and understand their challenges in order to help them achieve their communication goals. Her commitment to crafting well-written stories is apparent in everything she does, as is her love of helping others. Katie is thorough and professional while also bringing a sense of humor and kindness to each and every project, which helps her build trust and deliver meaningful results."

Becky Brun, Owner/Founder

Pitchfork Communications

"Katie provides a fresh, detail-oriented approach to each of her projects that when combined with her consistent follow up and deadline awareness results in efforts that are creative, thoughtful and error-free."

Peter Grimes, publisher 

VOWS: Magazine

"As a well-respected, 50+-year-old management-consulting company, we choose our vendors very carefully. Katie's ability to manage assignments and deliver outstanding professional writing has surpassed our expectations. Her strong media background and solid business acumen has contributed to strong media-placement results, including many published articles in national publications. Katie meets all deadlines and is fantastic to work with. Katie is someone who I highly recommend."

John Manning, former president

Management Action Programs (MAP) Consulting, and author of "The Disciplined Leader" 


writing, editing, proofreading and more...


Hours: 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday



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